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The age old "which font" dilemma and how to solve it

OK, so I'm ready to design a website. I've had a few meetings with my customer to get a feel for their expectations from the website, researched their target audience, found out if they have any strong likes or dislikes regarding colours etc. Now what ...

The design process begins. If they already have a Brand then I'll start with that, using it as a rough guide to style. If they don't have a brand yet then that's where I begin to create one for them.

Choosing the right font styles for a website is crucial. Fonts not only affect the readability of content, they also create an emotional response in viewers. If viewing your site isn't easy and pleasurable a visitor will move to another website. Statistics say that it only takes 0.5 seconds for visitors to your site to have made a decision whether to stay and read more or move on.

The style of a font can give a specific message to the visitor. These messages are conveyed by specific font styles. I consider the brand and/or website I'm designing and which type of message represents it. Understanding the meanings behind fonts can be a great tool to help with this. Once I understand your brand - I choose a font that represents it.

Serif fonts: tradition, respectability, reliability, comfort

Script fonts: elegance, affection, creativity

Display fonts: friendliness, fun, uniqueness, expressiveness

Modern fonts: strength, style, chic, progressiveness

Sans serif fonts: stability, objectiveness, clean and modern minimalism

Visitors to a site will judge the fonts before they read the content – choosing the right font is a creative and critical process, I take my time choosing the right font, testing a few out until I have the perfect representation of your brand/website.

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